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In mind the burning Amazon rain forest... Hopefully, the wounds will heal quickly.

In honor, a little local tale:

Nocturnal potoos are famous birds in the Amazon rain forest. They are often seen in pairs - large: female; small: male. And there is a beautiful story about them:

There were once two young children whose evil stepmother convinced their father to abandon them in the forest. That way the stepmother have the only claim to his inheritance (again, I notice many similarities between different myths/legends/tales.... this one very much reminds me of Hansl and Gretl). Anyway, the father's first attempt to lose them in the woods is foiled by the elder child, the daughter, who has overheard the plot and drops breadcrumbs along the path to find the way back home. The second time he succeeds by making checking the empty pockets upfront before leaving the house. Once in the jungle, the children become utterly lost. The spirit of the sachamama ('mother forest') takes pity on them and decides to adopt them, but not as children - in bird form. This is why the female potoo's song is said to sound like a sad lament ('ay-ay-mama') and the male's like the cry of a human child.


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