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London: family vacation insider tips

  1. Follow the footsteps of Anya & Gundi in London. Take the boat from Greenwich to the Tower of London. Continue by hiring a bicycle to ride along the Thames to the City of Westminster.

  2. Hire a boat on the Regents Canal, e.g. from Little Venice to the Camden market, and have a picnic on your way.

  3. Join a fascinating guided walk such as the Harry Potter walking tour or the Private Sherlock Holmes walking tour.

  4. Take a short train ride from Victoria Station to Brighton and enjoy a beautiful town by the coast and dive into an alternative English sea life.

  5. Take a stroll around St James’ Park to see the pelicans.

  6. To get some history in: visit the fascinating Churchill War Rooms

  7. For a rush and at least the eight-year-olds: go to the ArcelorMittal Orbit.

  8. Another water option in the city is kayaking on the Thames.

  9. Purchase tickets to one or two of the vast entertainment show opportunities suitable for families. Not very 'insider', but a must.


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